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Are you looking for talented, hard-working and reliable people? We understand the importance and the meaning of human skills and inherent talents very well. Thanks to our support in obtaining new human capital, we will help you get the advantage over the competition.

Our goal is to understand your expectations and desires. Having the key to success, we provide the best solutions – the talent, the experience and the professional knowledge!

The value and the success of our services is determined by the expertise and professionalism of our advisors who possess a broad experience and knowledge regarding the objective of our clients’ expectations.



Besides the experience in conducting recruitments, our advisors at Competence Solutions also possess the knowledge about the specifics of the professions and industries they specialize in. It allows us to:

  • learn about the exact needs and the perspective of the Employer
  • conduct effective searches among professionals
  • carefully evaluate the candidates, their professional value, preferences and motivations.

First, we get to the source of business in order to understand the uniqueness of your company and its position on the market.
Enriched by that knowledge, we enter the garden with forking paths of human abilities, knowledge, characters, selecting for you the absolutely new value which is…

…the right person at the right place.



We offer adjustment and flexibility in our recruitment activities in order to reach potential candidates as fast as possible and in an optimal way. Based on our many years of experience, we offer the most effective and yet the fastest working solutions. We reduce excessive procedures and processes and involve the client only in those areas over in which the client wants to have control.


If you are ready to transfer all recruitment processes outside your company, we recommend the RPO service (recruitment process outsourcing). RPO will allow you to stay focused on the goals which are crucial for your company and let Competence Solutions to design the processes of obtaining employees, their implementation and reporting while taking the responsibility for the results of managing those areas and processes.


If there is a need to hire a high-level manager or a key specialist, we recommend the Executive Search service.
As part of this type of recruitment, we search for matching candidates whose competences, confirmed by successes in the industry, contribute to the success of the companies employing them.


As part of our service portfolio, we also offer trainings on professional recruitment and selection of employees. Our unique and practical approach has resulted in the creation of a few signature training programs which we will gladly present to you during our trainings conducted exclusively for your company. Contact us directly to determine which area of training would be most valuable to you. The trainings are conducted by qualified business trainers with many years of recruitment practice. In general, the recruitment trainings provide the transfer of knowledge necessary in being a professional recruiter with the possibility of learning and obtaining experience in a real life recruitment process.

Our specializations in recruitment:


We specialize in recruitment activities in the category of IT&T. Through our work, we cover the areas of searching for and selecting specialists from the lowest to the highest level. We have implemented different projects for our clients, such as filling from typically functional positions to technical ones, related to the broad spectrum of the information technology.



Ostatnią naszą specjalizacją są stanowiska związane z produkcją ( automatyka, elektryka), przemysłem ( maszynowy, metalowy, tworzywa, hutnictwo, energetyka) oraz obszarem Research & Development. Przykładowe stanowiska, które realizowaliśmy dla naszych klientów to inżynier produkcji, automatyk, projektant, technolog, kontroler jakości, szef produkcji czy Industrial Engineering Director.




If you are open to interesting job offers within the area of your expertise, please send us your CV in the MS Word format at:, providing the information regarding the type of position and the industry, as well as a possible career path you are interested in.

Please be advised that we answer only to selected offers. We guarantee full confidentiality. Your offers will be stored in our data base and may be considered in future recruitments, conducted by our company.


In your ad, please include the following clause:

“I hereby authorize Competence Solutions to process my personal data included in the company profile for the needs of the recruitment process . At the same time, I declare that I am aware of the fact that I am entitled to update, add, and delete my data from the resources, as well as it is possible for me to access the documents sent in by me. I hereby provide my personal data voluntarily. (Pursuant to the Act of August 29, 1997, on the Protection of Personal Data; Journal of Laws of 2002, Nr. 101, item 926)”.

Maybe it is you we are looking for!

Case studies

We concentrate on the recruitment by individually adjusting to our clients making us the best at what we do. Here are the following examples of the projects implemented by us.


The client in this project was the eCircle company which had a few unique solutions in its portfolio supporting and implementing e-commerce as well as digital marketing activities. The client was based in Munich where Competence Solutions already had had a few key clients in. The top management of the company thought about creating a new R&D branch in Poland.

The process of the project

In the beginning, the company contemplated about three locations in Poland. Based on its market knowledge, CS suggested the best location by considering the criteria presented by the Client. Next, the recruitment for the programming division was started including filling the positions of the key medium-level managers. With time, the decision to transfer the second technical division in the systems area was made. CS had filled several positions in both of those divisions annually while supporting and advising the company in the areas of the employer branding, employee trainings and development or the HR strategy.

Implementation time:

the recruitment process was implemented on an ongoing basis by advising and managing a stream of candidates. The project had been implemented for a few years until the client company was taken over by Teradata. After the fusion, cooperation continues to exist.


Our client is a company which renders financing of outsourcing services. It is a member of the international capital group. The business center is located in Europe, and it reached Competence Solutions through a recommendation from consultants in the industry. The employment was based at a company located in Poland.

The process of the project:

Our task was to find a technical leader to take the position of the CEO within the area of building and leading the technical team, as well as within the area of creating the vision and selecting the technology for the products signed by the Client’s label. The client’s goal was to find a leader who is “passionate with established successes in the area of computer games”. Executive search along with the personality analysis was applied to potential candidates. We selected the three most valuable candidates who met the requirements and the criteria of the client. As a result, one of them appeared to match the expectations and was accepted and hired.

Implementation time:

The initial project implementation time frame, agreed upon with the client, was four weeks. The determined period was extended due to the additional areas of selection and the extended time of negotiating the terms and conditions of cooperation between the candidate and the client. The project was closed within five weeks.


Nasz klient to dynamicznie rosnąca firma z obszaru gier i rozrywki elektronicznej. Po okresie bycia start-up’em, klient stał przed etapem przekształcenia się w młodą firmę z ugruntowanym zespołem technicznym, któremu przewodziłaby osoba mająca wieloletnie doświadczenie w tworzeniu aplikacji tego typu. Zatrudnienie miało mieć miejsce w Krakowie.

Przebieg projektu:

Naszym zadaniem było znalezienie leadera technicznego, który miał zastąpić CEO w obszarze budowania i liderowania zespołowi technicznemu, ale także w obszarze kreowania wizji oraz doborze technologii w ramach produktów sygnowanych przez Klienta. Celem postawionym przez klienta było pozyskanie lidera, określanego jako:  „pasjonata z ugruntowanymi sukcesami w dziedzinie gier komputerowych”. Poszukiwania miały charakter executive search połączonego z analizą osobowościową potencjalnych kandydatów. Wyselekcjonowaliśmy trzech najbardziej wartościowych i odpowiadających wymaganiom i kryteriom klienta. Jeden z nich okazał się wyjątkowo dopasowany do oczekiwań, zaakceptowany i zatrudniony.

Czas realizacji:

Uzgodniony z klientem wstępny termin realizacji projektu to cztery tygodnie. Wyznaczone ramy uległy rozszerzeniu ze względu na dodatkowe obszary selekcji oraz wydłużony czas negocjacji warunków współpracy pomiędzy kandydatem a klientem. Projekt został zamknięty w czasie pięciu tygodni.

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Competence Solutions – the best in the area of difficult recruitment!

Our company is engaged in the acquisition of employees for our clients through the application of unique recruitment processes. Competence Solutions offers a broad array of recruitment tools, to which we can provide suitable candidates for particular positions in the shortest time possible.

Our services cover most of all direct searches on a broad scale. Thanks to our experience and the knowledge of the industries within which we work, we can access people who fully meet our clients’ requirements.

This is why CS pays so much attention to the process of recruitment and candidates considering mostly the qualifications and technical skills, characteristic for the rapidly changing technological sector. In addition to that, we implement our activities in the area of employer branding, professional satisfaction and the employee development.

We recruit mainly in Central Europe, because we know the specifications of countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic or Germany. We also have experience in implementing projects in the entire area of EMEA. We often provide advice and support companies from Western Europe or the United States of America.

We conduct our verification and evaluation of candidates based on the inquiries examining their professional skills in terms of the implemented project as well as by checking some of the references. Our consultants specialize in particular sectors of the market thanks to which they have experience and knowledge allowing them to conduct your project in an efficient way.

We like difficult projects. We just know how to look for and where to find suitable candidates for your business.

What distinguishes us is


Years in the IT&T
recruitment market


Over 1000
Finalized projects


Over 40 companies
Still cooperating with us


The average number of days
to fill a position


We have had the honor to work with companies such as:

Let’s cooperate. Let’s talk about recruitment!